The Challenge

This is the fun bit creating artworks that are personal and fit the space where colours connect ideas are exhanged and developed creating somthing special. The issues of scale and colour can be addressed allowing a beautifully created space to be finnished with a wonderful piece of art.

The Solution

Give us your walls. It starts with a good photograph of your space and a discussion of ideas and poosibilities. We devlop these ideas creating digital examples that we photshop on to the wall allowing you to judge size, colour, texture and the impact of the image. By creating the image this way you will know exactly what we are going to paint, the colours size and textures can all be agreed. Then we put paint to canvas and in aprox 10 weeks we will have your work ready to deliver. Of course we can also help hang it on your wall.




Case Study


This was an easier commission as they already liked the artists work.

“We love the Dave’s fish paintings but would like one with strong light, cool colours and nice textures.”

Allowing the painting to fill the space removed the need of a frame and created more impact.  The artist kept the colours cool and brought the light streaming in.

Ore brief here was a seascape “moody but not too wild”

This allowed us to take full advantage of the lenght of the wall, creating a painting that was moody but also full of light.

“Many thanks for these wonderful paintings, we love them. Understandably the sheer scale of them is taking some getting used to, so they demand to stop and be admired. Long may that continue …”

Lets talk about your space


We are always happy to discuss possibiltes, just get in contact and we can chat.