Have a browse at some of our great new paintings and new projects. We are always painting and developing ideas and are delighted to discuss any of your spaces or projects.

New work

We have new paintings and ideas displayed every few weeks. If you want to keep up to date sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Big Art

We love to paint big and create specially paintings for your spaces.

 We have some wonderful new collection of paintings at great value. We are available for home visits until christmas.

Make an appointment and see for your self.

 Viewing paintings at home is a fun and easy way to see a large collection of paintings it helps to bring scale, colours and texture into focus.   The best place to see art is where it might hang.

New Ideas

A few pieces of new work and some ideas we are working on.

Abstract structures

 Beautiful large abstracts swirled and pattenered with glimmers of gold and silver.



We have been working hard on creating beautiful Mandalas. They are vibrant, beautiful and textured to bring the form and colours to life. We start with a beautiful vibrant painting to create the mandalas we infuse them with textures and colours to develop a harmonious ground to lay the Mandala on. These are then mounted and carefully framed.

Take a look at some of our new mandalas

Black and white

A great collection of our black and white work, bold and striking.


We love the sea and all its drama and many moods. Take a look


The original architect, in all her varied and beautiful forms.

Fabulous fish

Our fabulous fish!


Structure, shape and the subtle beauty of trees.

New Work

Colour, contrast and drama
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Home visits

We have been showing paintings in homes for many years. There is always somthing magical about how a painting connects with a space, colour, light and scale create a unique relationship with your space. Invite us over for a cup of tea and a look at some of the paintings, its always fun.


We have a bespoke framing service with a beautiful range of frames.


We love to paint for spaces creating artwork that have colour, scale, impact and drama. We develop the painting with you creating a range of ideas. With the computer we put them on your wall at the right scale this allows you to preview and discuss them even before we put paint to canvas.


Finishing spaces

New work

 Ideas, projects and new paintings

Lets chat!

We would love to talk to you about your projects, places, spaces and ideas.