Scroll down through the galleries to view our paintings, click on the paintings to view and scroll through. If there are paintings that catch your eye please get in touch to discuss size and availability. We can arrange to send you more detailed images or bring the painting to you for viewing. We add new work regularly so pop back or get in touch to arrange viewing our newest work.


 White Works

 These are contrasting paintings light and dark, greys and whites, cool and restrained.
Some of these we have already painted others are still available. Talk to us about your space

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New work from Jill


Some new paintings from Jill always elegant and understated.

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 fun with penguins

 Always a joy to paint here are a few Penguins and some ideas.

Give us a shout if you fancy adopting one.

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Cycling is such a great sport to paint its full of colour and drama.

Now we have added Le Man, click and browse through


Into the deep

Cuba Libra

Black and White

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